Pastor Bray Sibley

Senior Pastor
Oak Tree Church
Los Angeles, USA

How did your church’s name “Oak Tree Church” come about?

Previously, it was called Harvest World Outreach for 25 years. In Isaiah 61, it says “they will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendour.” We have won lots of people to the Lord, but I felt the next generation of my church need to be known for more than just winning, I want them to be strong and be oaks of righteousness. Where I come from, the majestic oak trees along the Mississippi Gulf Coast have weathered even the Hurricane Katrina. That was our inspiration for the new name because the new generation – my children who are now leading my church, I want them to be strong and be oaks of righteousness so we can see generation after generation.

What are some challenges or struggles you faced as a musician turned pastor?

My dream was to play music when I was in college and when I got saved, my real passion was to play music for Jesus. We helped many ministries then by going to the streets, prisons or juvenile detention centres to play music for the people. I have never thought of being a pastor but my church pastor approached me and asked me to be a youth pastor! Although that wasn’t my desire nor passion then, I obeyed, gave my best and did what I was told. In the end, the youth ministry grew and the time came for me to start a church. I decided to let my pastor make the call for me to either travel overseas to do music or plant the church. My pastor told me to start the church so I obeyed again and I loved it! As a pastor, I still get to play and sing, it has made my life so much richer. Obedience truly comes with blessings indeed. As for struggles, I would say people don’t usually take musicians seriously as they tend to see them as entertainers, whereas preachers are teachers. It’s the general perception. I almost thought I had to stop singing. But as I merged the two roles together with a sincere heart, the perception of the people changed to be more accepting.

What season do you think God is preparing America for, with the upcoming presidential election in November?

I see it as a war for the future of our nation. I believe this election determines the future of the churches in America. The next president is likely to nominate three to five Supreme Court justices. If they are conservative constitutional judges, it would bring liberty. However, if they are activist judges who are not convicted by the constitution but by their own opinions, the outcome would be disastrous. It would eventually result in these judges making the laws instead of the people, and we will just have to abide. Currently, the media of America is anti-conservative and pro-progressive, we need to ask God for a miracle and a revival. Please pray along with me!