The Heavenly Man – Brother Yun

You survived after spending 74 days in prison without food and water, how did you do that?

Many were skeptical and couldn’t accept this. They thought I was fasting for 74 days but this is not the truth. God called me to preach the kingdom gospel and to be a witness for Jesus Christ. When I was imprisoned because of the gospel, I prayed to Him, “Lord, I can no longer preach the gospel as promised. I’m willing to die for you.” It was written in my book “The Heavenly Man” that I wrote a song called “Martyrdom” on the first day of my imprisonment. At that time, I was prepared to die. However, if God calls us to preach the gospel and be a witness for Him, we won’t die that easily. Normally, a person cannot survive without food or water for a week, but I survived and in the end, God sustained my life so I could fulfill the calling He gave me.


Share with us something attractive about Singapore.

I am really touched by the passion and fear that Christians here have towards our Lord. I feel very much at home here because I speak Chinese and there isn’t much of a language barrier. Although Singapore does not produce many kinds of fruits, I especially like the durian, it’s very delicious!


What’s the significance of the names of your children?

I was thrown into prison for initiating an evangelistic movement in an atheist country. When I was in prison during that time, my son was about to be born. Thus, I prayed, “Lord, I lay down my life for you. There is nothing more I can offer to you. All I have now is my precious newborn son.” And I named my son Isaac as I offered him to God. My hope is that he’ll grow up to be a person who’s submissive to God and have faith like me.

As for my daughter, God gave her to me while I was serving my sentence outside prison. It was during that time when I was outside prison that my daughter was born. I didn’t want my daughter to feel bitter or take revenge in future because of my imprisonment. Therefore, I named her Elim meaning sweetness, like the fountain of life. I hope Elim grows up to be a sweet person. If there’s bitterness anywhere, because of her, the bitterness will turn into sweetness and be filled with the fountain of life. This is how the names of my children, Isaac and Elim, came about. Praise God for them!