Pastor Sara Castellanos

Youth Pastor
Misión Carismática Internacional
Bogota, Colombia

What is one thing that’s hindering today’s youths from having true faith?

I think we’re facing the issue between what we believe versus what we really believe. The problem that youths today face is having a faith that’s not compromised. The world is telling them that they can sin, while going to church, having faith and getting saved. But we know when there is sin, there cannot be blessings. The challenge is to be true to our faith, and not compromise no matter what.

In which aspect do youths compromise nowadays?

In US, there’s been a lot of focus on same-sex marriage and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) lifestyle. Young Christians are faced with the issue of whether or not to agree with the lifestyle and choices of their LGBT peers. On one hand, they feel since God is love, the church should love everyone, including homosexuals. On the other hand, they’re aware that the Bible’s clear that homosexuality is a sin. I say, youths need to understand that homosexuality is complete rebellion against God, so if we agree with our LGBT peers, we’re agreeing with rebellion. Although we should show love to our LGBT friends, we must also have a balance between love and what’s right and wrong. We need to become both ambassadors of love and ambassadors of the righteousness of God.