Pastor Peter Tsukahira

Co-Founder & Leader
Kehilat HaCarmel

Haifa, Israel

What does a new beginning mean personally to you?

Two events: God brought the people of Israel back to their land after 2,000 years of wandering and now the apostle releasing the message to the Jewish people. These two events are generational and really mark a new beginning for the Israelites and the Church. And for so many years and generations, many have not been open to this group of people. The standard understanding of Catholics and Christians is that the Church replaced Israel, and God is finished with them for they rejected Jesus and that’s the end of the story. But now the truth has taken over. As I read from the scriptures, it is clear from both the New and Old Testament that God’s promises are everlasting and the covenant He made in His Holy Word is unbreakable. There’s definitely a frustration to awaken to this incredible truth, not just for the benefit of the people of Israel, but for Christians everywhere.

Is the G12 Vision the only way to awaken the Church?

The vision of discipleship in small groups is a Biblical paradigm that God wants to restore to the Church. But it is not mutually exclusive, and it is not in conflict with the vision for Israel as well. In fact, I would like to see the teachings on Israel become more widespread, and one day become a part of the G12 movement. I don’t see a conflict at all, for Jesus discipled 12. And let’s not forget, they were all Jews – there’s something about that. It’s clear that when Jesus chose His 12, He had in mind the 12 tribes of Israel, and he was choosing a new people within Israel, all of them Jews. So the Church didn’t replace them, the Church grew out of Israel, which are all the 12 tribes. They are our root. Although for many years the root seemed to has been cut off, but now it has been revived!

How do we encourage those who oppose change or new beginnings?

Sadly, not everyone will ever change. Everytime God moves, there will be people who oppose it. Many times, people oppose the move of God in the name of God. What I also noticed was when God moves, a lot of people who opposed in the beginning, eventually change their minds and come to His revelation. Look at Nicodemus, I don’t think he immediately accepted Jesus. When Jesus told him he had to be born again, along with teachings about the Holy Spirit and John 3:16, I’m guessing Nicodemus went off scratching his head; it was certainly not what he was expecting. But later, he put his reputation on the line and identified with the disciples of Jesus. He decided what Jesus had said was right and made a major decision to join Jesus. We must never lose that flexibility of faith, it’s that steadfastness and loyalty to the Lord that we should never change. On the other hand, how we respond to challenges is crucial, and we have to remain flexible and be open to new revelations. The day we’re hesitant to God’s new things is the day when God will choose someone else to do His work.