Pastor Omar Cabrera Jr

Senior Pastor
Vision Of The Future Church
Buenos Aires, Argentina

How has the G12 Vision changed your church?

The Vision is a net that has allowed us to maintain the fruits that God has given us. My wife and I have two television programmes that have been extremely fruitful. We realise that without the vision, we would have lost a lot of the fruits bestowed to us by the Lord. The tools of the Vision have allowed us to train every member of the church with the potential to become a leader, the ability to raise their own, and maintain their fruits. In the last 12 years, 236 ministries have been established. In fact, we have an upcoming conference held in Argentina in September – half of the attendees is from our church. This annual conference allows our church to solidify and grow. When people of the same language and goal unite, we can go forth with new revelation, and the Rhema word received from God keeps us knitted and close together.

What are some challenges you’ve faced?

My greatest challenge was starting afresh. My father had a ministry that he established in the 1970s. After he passed on, I implemented the G12 Vision, and it was so hard to get everybody on board. My dad was a conquering warrior that took the nations by storm. With spiritual warfare, he opened the heavens and the nations, and left me a tremendous inheritance. The challenge was how I could consolidate them. Many did not understand and felt I was betraying my dad’s legacy. But looking back, it actually gave me the opportunity to mentor those who were confused and doubted the Vision. The transition was challenging, but once we embraced the Vision, a new hope was birthed. God had a new beginning for me, my ministry, and even the nation of Argentina.