Pastor Andrew Catano

Official Translator for Pastor Cesar Castellanos
G12 Representative for Russia
Bogota, Colombia

How has the G12 Vision influenced your family and how do you cope with your hectic schedule?

As Pastor Cesar Castellanos’s nephew, my whole family’s into the G12 Vision. We’re all involved. My wife’s parents are also part of Pastor Cesar and Claudia’s 12. Ministry is something we have in common and always talk about as we face the same challenges, but since we face them together, it is exciting to deal with them! As for managing my schedule, I do travel with my wife quite often, as we’re the G12 representatives for Russia, and that requires a lot of coordination with other nations. The key is that it’s a team effort. Together with our team of 12 who are all married couples, we’ve learnt and developed a team mentality. It’s not just about having 12, but bringing together a group of 12 people with that team mentality, such that even when we’re not around to supervise them, they take responsibility to accomplish what needs to be done. In fact, they usually have more fruits when I’m not around.

What is the most memorable moment interpreting for Pastor Cesar Castellanos?

There are too many memorable moments, but the most memorable would be dropping out of college. I was studying mass communications, but at the same time, learning to serve. In a way, serving alongside Pastor Cesar Castellanos has been my university education. I learned more about being a good interpreter, and more than being an interpreter, I also learned how to be a pastor. I’m thankful to have had the privilege of being tutored while traveling and ministering to the nations together with Pastor Cesar Castellanos.