The Experience

“We feel very recharged after this conference. This is more than a conference, it is a place where the G12 Vision is tasked and clarified. As a church, we received impartations from the Lord on the direction to go. The theme of last year’s conference was The Awakening, where we declared together that we would run towards the 1728 goal, and cross the finish line. This year’s about A New Beginning and God says when we’re faithful with little, He’ll give us more. We have seen the grace of God amidst our weaknesses, and now we’re clearer of the Vision and we believe Him for mighty things that we’re ready for!”
- Sean, Faith Community Baptist Church, Singapore

“This year’s my third time attending the conference and it’s one of the most impressive I’ve ever attended. I’ve received many blessings during these four days. Thank you FCBC for your warm hospitality. I have decided to embark on my A New Beginning by trusting and obeying God.”
- Gantuya Gana, Mongolia

“I am very glad to be attending G12 Asia Conference in Singapore. I believe A New Beginning is a wonderful theme for all of Asia and it signifies a new beginning for my life as well. We’re going to do new things in our country, church and community. The powerful messages that the speakers shared have been very impactful to me. I’m feeling very inspired and I’m keen to share what I have experienced with my cell groups, church and nation.”
- Pastor Kalyan Biswas, Bangladesh

“This conference is so special to me as God opened my heart to receive the G12 Vision. Although I’ve attended the conferences since 2007, only this year did I experience the Vision truly birthing in my heart. I want to bring this New Beginning to Indonesia and my home church. I hope to persevere and never give up, because it’s not about numbers, but about God’s heart for the nations and His people. To the organisers, thank you so much for this conference, and inviting such wonderful speakers, with special thanks to Pastor Cesar Castellanos and Apostle Lawrence Khong.”
- Daniel Ginting, Indonesia