Pastor Timothy Wu

Founder & Senior Pastor,
Bethesda Community Church,
Hong Kong

Which part of this Conference left a deepest impression on you?

After Prophetess Cindy Jacobs' prophetic session, I was awakened to God's call for me to do prophetic intercession. As I start a new church for the youth in Hong Kong's university, the Lord has reminded me to intercede and pray for protection, and raise up a generation of prayer warriors.

How is this year's theme relevant to the current season of your life?

I stopped preaching regularly in my church to take time out to listen to others preach. In doing so, I absorbed and learned so much from other pastors. Listening to their thoughts and sharings opened my eyes to my own calling and anointing. I am now awakened to a new calling. Something is arising. It requires adjustments and going back to the basics. The Lord is revamping my life and trimming my mindset, and not just for me, but also my family and ministry. This is why this Conference's theme is so fitting for me.

In the context of Hong Kong society, can you share what are some of the challenges in executing the G12 Vision?

There is a culture that is blocking the churches of Hong Kong from carrying out the G12 Vision, and that is the culture of dishonour. Some see it as rebellion against an oppressive regime. But under this veil, it is really a matter of control, trust and obedience between leader and follower.

Another challenge we're facing is the religious spirit. Even in Spirit-filled churches that move in the G12 Vision, we see this spirit at work. The strict upbringing and excessive parental control of the Chinese culture further lends to the growth of this religious spirit.

But I will change these cultures, and start a new culture that will serve as a platform for the G12 movement to take off in Hong Kong.