Pastor Roland Lee & Pastor Lee Lai Fun

Executive Lead Pastor,
Children & Youth Group,
Faith Community Baptist Church, Singapore

This is your first time preaching at the G12 Asia Conference. What were you hoping that the young and old could take away from it?

Pastor Roland: It has been my heartbeat to talk about the next generation. I wanted the young people at this Conference to hear the message of our hearts concerning them. I also wanted to share a message that the other Asian nations can take home, and even use in their own churches.

Why are the youth and children so important to you that you have dedicated your life to serve them?

Pastor Lai Fun: My life was transformed when I was a youth so I know that during this phase, when the young people are searching for a role model who is able to speak into their lives, it is important that someone is there to guide them and be their role model. This is why we have dedicated our lives to serve them.

Pastor Roland: A lot of churches tend to assume that there will naturally be children and youth (attending church), but they fail to realise that the moment you stop focusing on them, and putting effort into reaching them, you have lost the entire generation.

In Faith Community Baptist Church, we're blessed because the Church places a lot of emphasis on the next generation. This is why we've seen so many young people, even at the Conference.

What is the biggest hindrance that is hindering the young today?

Pastor Roland: There are three areas: relationships, emotions and thinking. First, relationships: as the young today dwell in a largely social media and internet-centred world, they have trouble relating healthily with the opposite gender, friends and their parents. Second, emotions: the young are very fragile in the area of emotions. They get upset often, and easily talk about suicide. Last, thinking: the young have wrong belief systems that deceive and trap them, especially concerning self-esteem and self-worth. These are three areas we need to deal with to help the next generation.

Pastor Lai Fun:  I think in particular, the Internet. As most of the young people today have unrestricted access to the Internet, they easily pick up things from the Internet world. So much so that we have come to realise that they actually live a double life. When they attend church, they behave like how a 'good Christian' is supposed to behave, but we never know what they're like back home, in school, and most of all, online.

What is one key message that you feel the people at this Conference should take home?

Pastor Roland: The book of Acts tells us that the Gospel was preached to the whole of Asia. Through this Conference, we have been reminded that revival in Asia can and will happen again in this generation.