The Experience

(Left to right) Jeffery Sarker, Matthew Sarker, Bappy Nistree
"From this Conference, I learnt that the G12 Vision is really good for our nation. We have to wake up and awaken our spirits to win souls and make disciples."
- Jeffrey Sarker, Assembly Of God Church, Bangladesh

"This Conference has motivated me to pursue and accomplish my Senior Pastor's vision of '555' – to reach 50,000 people, build a building that seats 5,000 people, and birth 5,000 cell groups in Bangladesh."
- Bappy Nistree, Assembly Of God Church, Bangladesh

"This year's Conference has been so exciting – from the worship to the relatable messages preached by the speakers."
- Matthew Sarkar, Assembly Of God Church, Bangladesh
"Pastor Lawrence Khong's message on conviction left a deep impression on me. He explained that conviction brings forth courage and character. That woke me up! The questions that were asked and answered during 'The Couch' sessions were also very real and relevant to my wife and I."
- Andrew Mun, Faith Community Baptist Church, Singapore

"A statement Pastor Lee Seung Bang made during his session really hit me when I heard it. He said: 'As we move in the G12 Vision, we need to know what is God's personal revelation for us.'"
- Lum Foong Peng, Faith Community Baptist Church, Singapore
"I am very honoured to praise God and share in the spirit together with so many people from different countries as part of the choir when our [South Korean] team was given a chance to lead worship at the Conference."
- Bora Hyun, All Nations Church, South Korea
"Pastor Lawrence Khong's message on the opening night was the most inspiring. He said if we're spiritually asleep, we're as good as spiritually dead. After listening to it, I felt like I should make an effort to reach out to my friends more."
- Gynette Ng, Faith Community Baptist Church, Singapore