Pastors Kim Sang Cho and Kim Koung Chun

Golden Light Church
Incheon, South Korea

What were your first thoughts about G12? How did it begin for your church?

Well, we became a cell church in 2000 and initially, it was pretty hard and we were struggling to make our church grow. But things started to change after we introduced G12 and its Vision – it seemed that it was the solution to our struggles.

In your opinion, what is the most significant aspect about G12?

The one aspect that I find most significant and rewarding about G12 is that it teaches a person the meaning of discipleship, and how to live like a person that has a character that is pleasing to God.

Why do you think that is important to Korean society today?

It’s certainly not easy. The way I see it, we have to implant the seeds early in their minds to live a life that is pleasing to God. And we certainly have to give motivation for them to do so. I feel that the younger generation in Korea need purpose and meaning in whatever they do. They are always looking to the end to see “what’s in it for me?” and “what do I get in return?”.

So with this in mind, what we’ve done in our church is to emphasise that discipleship is not just about commitment, but it is a journey of that you will see many blessings. We certainly don’t force the idea of discipleship to them as it can be a little overwhelming. So we usually start by seeding these ideas gradually and at a young age. A good example is by bringing them to conferences to have the exposure and experience – while getting them to make personal sacrifices by putting in their effort and finances to make this trip. This is one of the ways how we train and bring them up.

How do you find this year’s G12 Asia Conference?

The message of God’s Breath giving life to dry bones really resonated with me and left a deep impression. This is how we should receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and how we should be living and surrendering ourselves totally to God to receive a new Breath of Life.

When we first joined the Conference, we saw so many high profile speakers on stage and it was a little bit intimidating. But when Pastor Lee Seung Bang went on stage, it was such an encouragement for us as a church. When we first started out, we were really small and didn’t have many members. But being here today and seeing such a strong Korean delegation, and with Pastor Lee delivering such a powerful and passionate message, we felt so moved and can’t wait to go back to Korea to share and spread the G12 Vision even further!