Pastor Jonathan Munshi

Bangladesh Assemblies of God
Khulna, Bangladesh

How was the G12 Vision implemented in your church, and how has it been growing?

It has only been 4 years since we learned of the G12 Vision. Since then, more and more churches in Bangladesh are understanding and practicing the Vision. Take my church, Bangladesh Assemblies of God, for example, our 12 have started cell groups, and their 12 are starting new cell groups. Other churches in Bangladesh that embraced the Vision have also seen church growth. One milestone we achieved this year was having more than 50 delegates from Bangladesh Assemblies of God attend G12 Asia Conference 2013! The past few years, our attendance was always less than 10 people!

How do you hope to see the G12 Vision grow in Bangladesh?

As more churches in Bangladesh, including Assemblies of God, are not only knowing, but truly understanding the essence of the G12 Vision and discipleship, I hope to see not only more churches, but more denominations taking on the G12 Vision. My dream is to be able to send 100 delegates from Bangladesh to G12 Asia Conference 2014!

Can we expect a G12 Bangladesh Conference in the near future?

We've been talking with Pastor Richard Ong and Pastor Yong Tai Tong of Faith Community Baptist Church and now that we've got a larger G12 community, I believe we can start planning for a G12 regional conference in Bangladesh, hopefully next year? No promises though!

What is one lesson you can take home from this year's G12 Asia Conference, which you can put to good use in your G12 community in Bangladesh?

I believe the most important thing we can take home from this Conference is the experience we've gathered – from the lessons of the international speakers, e.g. Bishop Oriel M. Ballano's 7 points on "Creating an Atmosphere of Multiplication" and the testimonies of how other churches have grown and are growing through the G12 Vision, to the praise and worship sessions. Although we do not understand everything as we're not fluent in the English language, we could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit.


Do you have closing statements you'd like to make to the G12 Asia community?

Do pray for the nation of Bangladesh, which is becoming increasing Islamic with over 85% Muslim. Islamic fundamentalism is moving dangerously, threatening our freedom of religion by creating laws of blasphemy, and etcetera. Our once peaceful and democratic country is on the verge of becoming a Taliban country. Please pray against this!