Pastor Anuparp & Rev Poomwanatr

Bangkok Liberty Church

Praise Church

What were your expectations coming for this year’s G12 Asia Conference?

AW: I want to receive the Breath of Life so I can go back and serve confidently and eagerly, in the direction of the G12 Vision.

PM: Through the sessions, God encouraged, inspired and challenged us. When we return home, we hope to make a difference in our respective areas of service in the G12 Vision.

How did the G12 Vision help in the growth of your church, and also in Thailand?

AW: The G12 Vision plays a very significant role in my church. With its structured systems and processes, the Vision gives me a clear focus – on discipleship, soul winning and ultimately conquering the world for the Lord.

How long did it take your church to accept the G12 Vision?

AW: When we first implemented the Vision, we did not understand it completely and mixed it up with other systems, but in 2010, we were fully committed to the G12 Vision and since then, my church has grown from a congregation of 300 to 1000. In just 3 ½ years, we saw remarkable and significant growth.

PM: Likewise, our beginning was slightly shaky, until 2010 when we were committed in the Vision and since, our membership has grown from 100 to 450 members and we’re still growing. Through the speakers’ anointed messages at this Conference, I am determined to focus on discipleship and multiplication.

What are your thoughts on different denominations working as one in the G12 Vision?

AW: After living the Vision, not only have we seen significant growth in our church, but also in other churches that we are discipling. Together with Rev Poomwanatr Meteakrakui, who’s of a different denomination, we are currently discipling more than 20 churches. Some of these churches are from different denominations as well. Regardless of denomination, our goal is to disciple at least 200 churches, with each church having more than 500 members by 2020. This may seem unattainable, but the G12 Vision gives us a platform that allows us to help others learn and understand what it means to fulfill the Great Commission effectively.  

PM: Although Pastor Anuparp Wichitnantana and I come from different denominations, with an entirely different network, we believe that by working together, we will be able to achieve God’s marvelous plan for Thailand.

I heard there’s going to be a G12 Thailand Conference in September 2013. What do you hope to achieve at the Conference?

PM: We would like to invite 100 pastors from 100 different churches to attend G12 Thailand Conference 2013.

AW: Aside from the attendance, I hope to see the people at the Conference take in the Vision seriously and run with it. Through the G12 Vision, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we’re going to turn Thailand upside down.

PM: Pastor Anuparp Wichitnantana and I need to work together for the Kingdom of God so G12 Thailand Conference 2013 can be a success!

AW: The G12 Vision unites us. Without the Vision, it would be difficult as we are so different, but with the Vision, we have something in common, and this commonality allows us to work hand-in-hand.