The Experience

"I loved the worship, speakers and atmosphere of the conference. I especially liked Pastor Lee Seung Bang and Pastor Timothy Wu's sessions."

Yang Hyun Ah

"The preachings of the pastors during the conference was impactful."

Pastor Jesus

"I particularly enjoyed Pastor Lawrence Khong's sermon on "Growing as a Spirit-Person" on the opening night."

Pastor Danilo Evia

"Pastor Art Sepulveda's session on 'The Red Door' moved me as like he shared, I find myself constantly walled up by my own false thoughts and notions, and I want to break free from them."

Yan Ming Yi

"Pastor Lawrence Khong's sermon on 'Building a Three-Generational Ministry' was most applicable to me and I loved it!"

Tiffany (left)

“I liked Pastor Art Sepulveda’s sermon on ‘The Red Door’.”

Annabelle (right)

"I like what Pastor Daniel shared – that children must repent and parents must rise up to be good role models. He also said parents should release the children to God to be used however God intends to use them. I think it is very timely because today is the first time my son is attending the conference. It is truly a divine appointment because he needs to hear this message." 

Kah Ling

"I loved all the sessions and every speaker's message encouraged me to persevere in my ministry."

Rev Jayantha Amarajeewa
Sri Lanka

"I was inspired by Pastor David Demian's message, especially when he said 'God uses some people, but God works with some people.' How true indeed!"