Pastor Oh Hye Kang

Uliastai Church

Q: Pastor Oh, you are from Korea. Why did you decide to go to Mongolia?

It's quite hard to explain. Someone told me about Mongolia, and the more I read and learned about it, it just touched my heart so deeply that I just had to go. I told myself that if I go to Mongolia, I could maybe bring God's kingdom to the Mongolian people! That was one of the reasons I went to Mongolia.

Q: Tell me a little more about the history of your church and how you got started with the G12 vision.

In the beginning, my church was a traditional church with only 120 members. Church growth was stagnat and it stopped growing. There was literally no evangelism, no interest and no passion. As a pastor, I wanted to see the people growing spiritually and it was very frustrating. This was before I encountered the G12 vision.

After I studied more about G12, I became very passionate about it - about its goals, purpose and mission. I therefore made a decision to start the G12 ministry in my church. In November 2007, I had the first encounter session with just 54 people. It was a powerful experience and the amazing thing was that after the encounter, these people wanted to 'fly'… and become like 'eagles'! They wanted to evangelise and spread God's word and love. I didn't even have to persuade them at all. They were so willing to go out and evangelise! It was truly amazing!

Q: What is your hope and desire for your church in the future?

I see my leaders and I serving the church and the Mongolian people - giving them motivation and challenges so that they can grow and evangelise more. By doing this, they grow spiritually. So I really want to see these people receive the motivation to go out, evangelise and make disciples. That's what I want to see and I want to help them. By the end of this year, I want my church membership to hit 3,000 – so I will keep challenging my leaders and our church members to make this vision and the G12 vision come true!

Q: In your opinion, what are some of the challenges of initiating the G12 vision in Mongolia?

Well, it is a very unique culture with a lot of tradition - a very strong culture. So it is sometimes very difficult to bridge this culture gap, especially the language barrier. But now, I have a strong, committed group of 12 leaders who are passionate about the vision and about making disciples. So a lot of these problems and issues are getting much easier to deal with. I firmly believe that the Lord has a wonderful purpose for Mongolia and all over Asia! So I encourage anyone who wants to see their church grow, take up the G12 vision!