The Experience

I feel honoured and privileged to carry the Mongolian flag at this conference. I feel ike a general when I run forward to get the front seats! It has been a wonderful experience for me!

- Enkhee

It is so fun and informative to be here. I enjoyed listening to all the speakers who were filled with great anointing!"

Michael Jao,
JCSGO Philippines,
First-time at the G12 Asia Conference

You can feel the passion of the delegates, especially the Mongolians and Koreans, when they queue up and run forward every start of each sessions. It's as though they don't want to waste any single minute to listen to God's word!

- Edwin Tan, Hospitality Team & Vincent Kwok, Security Team

We are very excited to be here. We feel fired-up from all the sessions, especially during praise and worship!

Kim Ji Yeon and Kim Yu Jin
Guem Bit Korea

It feels amazing to be part of this flash mob. I want to use dance to express my love for God. And I think it's fun to be jumping around, that's what youth is about!

Wei Guang & Yu Hui
Volunteer Dancers

The most inspiring message for me was by Pastor Art. I feel that many times we excuse ourselves from serving the Lord because of the limitations we set upon ourselves. However, now I feel encouraged and motivated to do more for God. Nothing can stop me now!"

Grace Jea, China