Dr Douglass Norwood

Q: This is your first G12 Asia Conference. Share with us some of your thoughts.

This is my introduction to G12 and I'm impressed with Pastor Cesar Castellanos – about his integrity and humility. And he speaks from the heart. That's why people appreciate him. I think Ps Khong and Nina are just awesome people, and I praise God for the friendship we've established. I was also really glad to meet the folks from England, South Africa, Hawaii and the U.S.

You know, this congregation has a unique blend of leadership that really seems to honestly care for each other. And I haven't found that in a lot of other churches in the world. This is unique. You should give thanks for the church God has created here at FCBC. It's an incredible gift from the Lord. So I'm having a ball here!

Q: What are your thoughts about the theme this year and how it ties back to the G12 vision?

You know, Jesus never tells us to go and evangelise to people. He tells us to go and make disciples. And it's a process of painting the town red or painting the country red. To me it means going and
making sufficient disciples and to have sufficient passion that it 'glues' the country it changes. I'm not talking about everybody necessarily being saved and brought on board as a kingdom disciple, but I'm talking about everybody and everything being touched by the gospel one way or the other to the point where the country's morality changes - even healthcare systems, politics, financial structures begin to change and reflect something of God!

So I like the concept of painting the town and country red. I've even heard somewhere about making a country purple, meaning you're bringing it into God's Kingdom!

Q: Are there any similarities or parallels between G12 and Broken Jars ministry?

I definitely see that we're walking parallel pathways. It's going to take time and of course plenty of dialogue to work on future projects together. But it's really exciting and I see it taking shape in the next year or so! I'm personally anxious to start dialogues with the various leaders to explore the many opportunities and possibilities.

You see, when there is a unified sense of togetherness, of purpose and joy, of affirmation and encouragement, amazing things will happen and the Lord will bless the promotion of the ministry – be it Broken Jars or G12. It's not so much resource-dependent, it's people dependent. So what worries me is the deep spiritual problem and independent aloofness from God in some cultures of Western Europe and North America. There is really a deep need to evangelise and bring people back to Christ, and I think the G12 model is the way to go - especially in the areas of consolidation and discipleship.