Bishop Felix Labang

Bishop Felix Labang
Cavite Community Church
Cavite, Philippine

Q: Tell us about your G12 journey and how did you start.

I heard about the vision in 2007 where we literally started from scratch. We had very few people – only my wife, my children and three couples that I had invited to join me. It was a struggle as we already had our own structure and system. I was even thinking of just sitting down and being part of an 'ordinary' church growth. So when we implemented the vision, we had to re-structure everything. That was a transition and a journey for us. That transition was also part of my own personal life as well, together with family. Once we were confident about the vision, we began to take this into the church and our members started to pick up on the system.

Q: Tell us which aspect of the G12 vision attracted you.

Well, we were so frustrated with seeing many years of slow church growth in the Philippines, and we were really praying for God to come into the picture. We really wanted to grow! So when we encountered and learnt more about the G12 vision, I embraced it with no hesitation. You see, I've always been attracted to the multitudes. I want the multitudes – but it's not easy to get there. We also have so many things to address, and it's hard to focus when you have so many things and priorities to juggle being a church leader. So my struggle was how to give up all this and focus on one thing. The process was simple – yet hard. It was a struggle – even for my family. But now, my daughter, who was at first hesitant to be part of the vision, is now a leader building her own 144!

Q: What is the most important lesson you have learnt about the vision, and how are you growing your church?

As we continue to grow with the vision, the key factor for me is to focus on the 12. When we really started to put more emphasis on nurturing and focusing on the 12 last year, we really saw a breakthrough in growth. Now in the Philippines, we have 12 committed leaders of Pastor Cesar Castellanos and more than 300 pastors that I mentor all over the Philippines. We've also had two gatherings, which was attended by over 7,000 people. It's just wonderful. So it's all about focusing on the 12. I do not have any other agenda, just focusing on the vision. Wherever I go, even in my organisation, we have no other agenda. It's just all about the G12 vision. Nothing else.

Q: Any words of encouragement? What is your vision for your church and the Philippines?

The G12 vision has been proven and tested. And therefore there is no room for tiredness, fear or doubts. It's only a matter of making some adjustments along the journey. Focus everything on the vision, and forget models that do not work. If you are willing to do that, we can definitely reach the masses and the multitudes. There is no doubt. And I strongly believe we are not only called to attract the multitudes, but to govern the multitudes! This is our vision.

At our age, some of us are thinking of giving up and retiring. But God has given me the vision of raising 24,000 leaders before He takes me up!