The Ladder of Success is a four-step process taught by G12 Founder Pastor Cesar Castellanos and diligently implemented in every G12 church.

Consolidation is very important to keep the new believer in the church so he or she can be discipled. Because it is so critical, it needs to be properly done. Upon the prebeliever’s decision to accept Jesus as his Lord and Saviour, the consolidator or cell leader should:

  • Get and verify the new believer’s particulars
  • Pray for him with genuine concern 
  • Arrange for a home visit 
  • At the home visit, assess his needs 
  • Thereafter, walk through the Pre-Encounter with him. 


The Pre-Encounter consists of four lessons designed to prepare the new believer for the Encounter Weekend. The Pre-Encounter is essential for the new believer to receive maximum impact and value at the Encounter Weekend. The four lessons will walk the new believer through the basics of the Christian faith, covering topics such as the new birth, our salvation, the power of Scriptures and the principles of deliverance.

Encounter With God Weekend

The Encounter is conducted over three days like a retreat. The Encounter is the new believer’s first experience of coming face to face with God and His Word. During the weekend the participant is confronted with his past and is led to deal with all the negative influences in his life. It is also here that the participant receives the fullness of the Holy Spirit.


Fresh from the Encounter Weekend, the believer goes through ten lessons of the Post-Encounter so that he is equipped with the Word of God to deal with the attacks of Satan. The Post-Encounter teaches believers how to relate to the world, friends and problems and how to overcome temptation, the flesh, sin and the devil. The Post-Encounter teaching will produce greater fruitfulness in the disciples and will result in an unprecedented increase in the retention of new believers.