G12 Asia Conference 2014

G12 Asia Conference 2014

"Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken."


We are called to be awake. We are not called to remain in slumber. Jesus told His disciples to stay awake to be mindful of the day of the Lord's coming. Paul also wrote to the Thessalonians telling them that as sons of light, they must stay awake, be watchful, and be sober.

We believe that 2014 is a year where God has been moving powerfully - causing all of us to step out of our slumber and rekindle our spirits. No victory was ever won by an army in slumber. No miracle ever happened when the disciples were on the run. No revival ever took place when the church was dormant.

But now, it's time. We've received the breath of life and now it's time for us to open our eyes. It's time to awaken our souls and spirits, and rise up as the mighty army that God has called us to be. It’s time for change and to make a difference. Church, let us be a generation that's counted. Let us be a people who stand tall for God. Let us arise and shine. Let us yearn for The Awakening.

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RT @Doreennsj: Rebellion begins with the thought of, 'I don't believe in this.' ~ Pastor César #theawakening2014 1 day 18 hours ago